Security for county buildings


(Posted Sept. 24, 2014)

By Kristy Zurbrick, Madison Editor

Now is the time to look into a single security system to service all county-owned buildings, says Rob Slane, Madison County’s chief information officer.

The new municipal court building is scheduled for completion later this year, and the Department of Job & Family Services wants to upgrade its security.

“Right now, we have multiple county buildings with multiple security systems, and multiple bills and monitoring,” Slane said in a meeting with the county com-missioners on Sept. 22.

Converting to one system for everything would streamline use of the systems and save money down the road, he said.

The commissioners like the idea. Commissioner Paul Gross suggested choosing a single provider that offers a scalable product so the entire conversion does not have to take place at once.

“Just start with Job & Family with the idea of scaling up to handle all of the county buildings,” he said.

Slane had helped Job & Family Services obtain quotes for its specific security needs. He said he will expand on that research with the idea of finding one company to handle all county buildings.

In other discussion about county facilities, Gross said decisions need to be made on how to use the basement of the new municipal court building. He said the 10,000 square feet is too valuable to use solely for storage. He wants to see the space generate revenue to help offset the cost of maintaining and operating the building.

Commissioner David Dhume said one possibility would be to divide the basement into office space. Logical tenants would be local attorneys, he said.

The finish date for construction of the building is uncertain. “I think we’re looking at a completion date closer to Christmas,” said Commissioner Mark Forrest.

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