Security cameras keep an eye on crime in Canal Winchester


By Linda Dillman
Staff Writer

If you’re a criminal in Canal Winchester, beware. You will be seen.

According to the city of Canal Winchester electronic guru and Information Technology Coordinator Rick Brown, there are 50 security cameras installed internally and externally on all city buildings, from the municipal structure on South High Street to the public works complex off Ashbrook Road and the Crist water plant.

“The purpose of the cameras is to deter crime against people and property,” said Brown. “The cameras are placed in an optimal location to capture activity based upon the asset being protected. The first cameras were installed about 18 months ago.”

Cameras are valuable devices, not only for citizens seeking a sense of security in discouraging criminal activity in and around their homes, but for the city as well in protecting its own people and property. They are also an effective deterrent and useful tool if needed for criminal investigation by law enforcement such as the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Department and Madison Township.

“We have had instances where law enforcement has used them for investigations. Our staff has on occasion, used them to determine damage to facilities,” said Brown.

As the city prepares to purchase and renovate the former McDorman building as a new municipal complex and community center, security cameras will be part of the process as well, in addition to other projects in the pipeline.

“With the new public park, new multi-use facility and repurposing of the administration building, we will assess all security aspects and add them as needed,” said Brown.

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