School levies: One passed, one didn’t

(Posted May 5, 2021)

By Kristy Zurbrick, Madison Editor

Two school operating levies were on the May 4 ballot in Madison County. One failed and one passed.

Madison-Plains Local Schools sought a 10-year renewal of a 1.25 percent tax levy on earned income. The request failed by a 3.9 percent margin (333-360). If it had passed, tax collection would have started on Jan. 1, 2024.

“Obviously, we’re disappointed. We have worked hard to improve this district and to be fiscally responsible,” said Superintendent Chad Eisler. “Renewal of the earned income tax is something that we need. We will look to continue our efforts to have it renewed.”

The current earned income tax levy expires at the end of 2023. It is up to the board of education to determine when the district will return to the ballot.

“We want to thank those who supported us. We will continue to be good stewards of the district’s finances and continue to work to move this district forward,” Eisler said.

Jonathan Alder Local Schools also was on the ballot seeking renewal of an income tax on earned income. The request passed with 63.7 percent of the vote (823-468). Collection on the 0.5 percent income tax will start on Jan. 1, 2022, and continue for 10 years.

“It is wonderful to live in a community that values education and supports its students and schools,” said Superintendent Gary Chapman. “We want to thank the voters of the greater Jonathan Alder community for their confidence in what we are doing. We want to thank the levy committee and also the volunteers who helped to get out the message and make this push for our schools.”

Chapman said the levy provides the district with financial stability and allows the district to “continue to provide those outstanding opportunities for kids.”

The following are the unofficial results of the election as released by the Madison County Board of Elections on May 4. Voter turnout was 4.66 percent. The board has until May 25 to run the official canvass.

Candidates in all of the London city races were unopposed. Three at-large council seats were up for election in London; only two candidates were on the ballot. A third candidate, Brenda Russell, will run as an independent in the November election.


Council president  (one-seat up for election)

Henry Comer     111

Ward 1 council (one seat up for election)

Andrew A. Hitt     37

Ward 2 council (one seat up for election)

Richard M. Hays    27

Ward 3 council (one seat up for election)

David Anthony Smith   17

Ward 4 council (one seat up for election)

Bryan Robinson 29

At-large council seats (three seats up for election)

Joshua E. Peters     107

John J. Stahl Jr. (write-in)   13

Auditor (remaining two years of an unexpired term)

Kenna Combs    112

Treasurer (one seat up for election)

Sue Mosier         115



Jonathan Alder Local Schools (Renewal of a 0.5% tax on earned income for 10 years)

For the tax levy               823 (63.7%)

Against the tax levy         468 (36.3%)

Madison-Plains Local Schools (Renewal of a 1.25% tax on earned income for 10 years)

For the tax levy               333 (48.05%)

Against the tax levy         360 (51.95%)

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