School board discusses Win-Win


By Dedra Cordle
Staff Writer

The South-Western City Schools District has been a part of the Win-Win agreement with Columbus City Schools for nearly three decades.

Under the terms of the agreement, of which nine additional suburban districts are involved, South-Western agrees to share 1 percent of tax growth from new commercial development in their boundary area with Columbus City Schools. In turn, Columbus City Schools will not request the transfer of territory located in the city of Columbus into their district.

Every six years, the Win-Win agreement is up for renewal. The board of education spoke about the upcoming renewal at the April 25 meeting.

During the discussion, Treasurer Hugh Garside said he believes the district should maintain the status quo and stick with the agreement.

According to his brief financial report on the agreement, Garside said the district collects $40 million in property taxes annually. And of that $40 million, they have to pay Columbus City Schools roughly $1.2 million each year under the terms of the Win-Win agreement.

“I think that’s a pretty good investment,” he said.

In addition to the financial aspect, Garside said the Win-Win agreement ensures that children get to go to the district that their parent wants them to when they make the choice to purchase a home in their boundary area.

Board President Cathy Johnson agreed with Garside and said that the district should renew.

“I think investing in the Win-Win is a pretty good deal,” she said.

While the district has until May 30 to officially renew or drop out of the Win-Win agreement, none of the remaining board members voiced objections to it during the discussion.

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