Scholarship program serves Groveport Madison students


By Rick Palsgrove
Southeast Editor

Groveport Madison students looking for help in finding funding to further their education can get a helping hand from the Education Is The Way Scholarship.

“There is money available simply for the asking for eligible students,” said Education Is The Way Executive Director Kathy Weiser.

Education Is The Way provides post-secondary education financial assistance with grants to eligible Groveport Madison students who are graduates of Groveport Madison High School, Cruiser Academy, Eastland Career Center, and Fairfield Career Center.

“These are attainable funds that go to our Groveport Madison kids,” said Weiser.

Established in 1990, Education Is The Way is a local independent, non-profit organization lead by a board of trustees and managed by the Columbus Foundation.  Its endowment fund, currently totaling $581,000, according to Weiser, provides grants to students ranging from $500 to $900 per year that are available up to four years. Students must apply each year for the grant.

Since awarding its first grants in 1993 to eight students, scholarships totaling more than $262,635 have been awarded. Last year 10 students received scholarships, according to Weiser.

“These scholarships provide financial assistance to students, which provides additional support when there is a financial need,” said Weiser. “But it also includes a limited community service component so the students can give back to the community. My goal is to have 40 to 50 students earn scholarships each year.”

Weiser – a 1976 Groveport Madison graduate who was a teacher, literacy consultant, and instructional coach for Groveport Madison Schools for 30 years –  often goes into schools to visit with student groups about the scholarship program.

“I am pleased that students and staff recognize me as a link to scholarship money that is exclusive to GM students,” said Weiser.

She said school principals, teachers, and guidance counselors have been supportive of her efforts to reach out to students about the program.

Weiser’s goals include raising student and community awareness about Education Is The Way, maintaining relationships with students, and growing the organization’s endowment fund. She wants to meet with community groups, small businesses, corporations, and individuals to let them know about the scholarship program whose financial endowment is funded by donations.

“We, myself and our board of trustees, welcome the opportunity to speak to the community about the program,” said Weiser. “When you give it comes back to the community. Kids are our strength. One day they will return from their studies to contribute to the community in many ways.”

For information about Education Is The Way, to find out about student eligibility, or to learn how to donate to the fund, visit or contact Executive Director Kathy Weiser at (614) 315-9425 or by email at


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