Safety and election results discussed on the Hilltop

By Katelyn Sattler
Staff Writer

The Columbus Division of Police is working to address crime in the Hilltop.

Sgt. Fredrick Brophy addressed some of the issues with the Greater Hilltop Area Commission at its Oct. 5 meeting.

According to Brophy, the department has seen an increase in aggravated felonious assaults.

“A lot of people get alarmed by it. When we start looking at them, the shootings and aggravated assaults are concentrated in the hours between 8 p.m. and 4 a.m.,” said Brophy. “We also find these are not random crimes. This is one of those things that is affecting the general overall increase in violent crime that we’ve seen throughout the nation.”

The police sergeant said his team is working to get illegal guns off the streets and encourages residents to help police address the issue.

“If you are in contact with, or have close relations with, an at-risk youth, which is anybody between 14 and 25 years old, usually a male, that is demonstrating some sort of conflict resolution or anger management issues, please reach out.

“There are many resources in the city to help address some of the needs of these young people who are making bad decisions. The idea is that we get access to some resources for young people that are at a higher risk for gun violence. We have a lot of those individuals on the Hilltop. So, as a community, what we need to do is get those people headed in the right direction.”

He also said the department has noticed an increase in thefts from vehicles.

“It’s a crime of opportunity. If you’re parking your cars out, do your best to make sure that there’s nothing inside your car that entices crime,” said Brophy.

In other news, the Greater Hilltop Area Commission certified the votes from the Oct. 2 election. With four seats available, Adhanet Kifle, Victoria Frye, Simon Dallas, and Josh Maddox won seats on the commission. The terms will start in January of 2022 and end in late 2024.

Jennie Keplar, co-chair of the government and legislation committee, said, “Huge thanks to everyone who ran in this election. You made this race robust and exciting. You gave Hilltoppers a variety of options to choose from. And thanks to you, thanks to everybody who ran, who campaigned, who got out and talked to residents. You helped us promote the Greater Hilltop Area Commission and I’m grateful to you.”

There remains one appointed seat available. Current commissioners will need to nominate the candidate, who must either live or work in the Hilltop. Nominees must attend the November meeting and they will give a brief speech at the December meeting. The commissioner will be appointed in January.

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