Run the Race offers kids summer opportunities

By Amanda Ensinger
Staff Writer

A local non-profit is gearing up for a busy summer as they prepare to offer a variety of programming to Westside children.

The Run the Race Club, which was started by Rachel Muha, was formed in 2005 after Muha tragically lost her son during an armed robbery.

“Brian wanted to be an inner-city children’s doctor and wanted to make a difference in this world,” Muha said. “I wanted to do something to make Brian’s dream of helping inner city kids come true.”

Today, the club serves Westside children between the ages 5 and 18. Offering tutoring, games, meals, snacks, clothes, field trips and even food to take home, the club offers kids a safe haven after school.

Located at 880 South Wayne Ave. on the corner of Wayne and Eakin, during the school year the club gives area children a safe place to go after school until their parents get home from work.

However, in the summer the club takes their services to these children to another level, offering a variety of additional activities to keep the kids busy and out of trouble when school is out.

“We plan on having baseball skills camps and games,” Muha said. “We also plan on having basketball teams/games for middle and high schoolers, three day camps at the center on different themes (dance, baton, computer coding; etc.) and weekly trips to The Run the Race Farm in Galloway.”

Most of these programs are new this summer, with the exception of the farm.

According to Muha, the farm is a piece of property they have had for a while and is a great opportunity to educate city kids on the country and farm living. Located at 2500 Gardner Road in Galloway, the Run the Race Club takes groups of 20 to 30 children to the farm at a time. Kids usually visit the farm two to three times a week in the summer.

“There is a tree house, basketball court, climbing ropes, swings, play equipment and more,” Muha said. “There is a meadow filled with butterflies, birds, frogs and toads. We have chickens of all kinds, ducks, rabbits and two puppies. We will also have two goats and will have a pig very soon.”

This summer the group also plans on growing vegetables at the farm for Run the Race families, as well as selling some at a local Farmer’s Market

“We also plan on making mulberry jam from the mulberries on the trees, as well as putting in a bee hive in a week or so,” Muha added.

Finally, the club plans on opening a business in an effort to help older kids find their career paths.

“We bought a property on Sullivant Avenue to turn into a business location,” Muha said. “We are trying to figure out what business to start – something our older racers can run. We are also committed to helping all of our middle/high schoolers find their career paths.”

However, Muha added that in order to achieve all these objectives this summer the group depends on donations from the community.

“We are a non-profit, charitable organization and we can only stay open with donations,” Muha said. “I do not take a salary, even though I work 70 hours a week. We only pay two others, part time. We survive because of the generosity of others.”

If you are interested in volunteering, donating or sending your child to the Run the Race Club, contact Rachel Muha at 614-276-2171.

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