Roads in need of repair in village

By Dedra Cordle
Staff Writer

The roads in the village of Urbancrest are getting busier.

Each day, hundreds of vehicles travel throughout the community, going to work, coming from work, picking and dropping off students, and some using it as a cut-through to beat traffic on Broadway.

With the steady flow of vehicles on the road, officials say it is now creating problems to the road itself.

According to village councilwoman Veronica Shepherd, the state of the roadways are deteriorating.

“They are crumbling and cracking all over,” she said.

She added that nearly all of the streets in the village are in that condition.

“Our streets have not been rehabbed since 1977,” Shepherd said.

To try to fix the infrastructure issue, Shepherd announced at the Sept. 12 council meeting that the village will seek a grant with the Ohio Public Works Commission for resurfacing and repair improvements.

Shepherd said she feels as if there is a good chance the village will be selected to receive the grant.

“We have always paid into the system and yet we have never received anything from it yet,” she said.

According to Mayor Joseph Barnes Sr., they are requesting a 100 percent grant, which means the village would not have to pay for the repairs except for an administration fee. He added the requested grant is for $404,000 and it would repair six roads. (First, Second, Third, Fourth and Central avenues, as well as portions of Centerpoint Drive.)

Since the application was just recently submitted, Shepherd said the village will not likely hear whether they have received the grant for at least eight weeks.

During the discussion about roadway repairs, Shepherd requested that members of the health and safety committee continue to look at traffic flow improvements, such as the installation of stop signs or speed bumps along the busiest roads in the village.

Councilwoman and health and safety committee member Alicia Wiggins said they would do so.
Shepherd later added that they could possibly put the request for speed bumps into the OPWC grant application.

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