Road projects dominate Groveport’s five year plan


By Rick Palsgrove
Southeast Editor

Street repairs and water line projects dominate the city of Groveport’s five year capital improvement fund plan.

As part of the $450,000 street maintenance fund in 2018, streets in the Hanstein Addition are slated for surface repairs. Other streets that potentially could receive surface repairs in 2018 are: Apple Grove Court, Fern Grove Court, West Street (from Main Street to Green Avenue), Rohr Road (from Commerce Center to Alum Creek Drive), and Harbinger Drive.

Streets to receive surface repairs sometime in the next five years include: East Bixby Road (from Old Hamilton Road to Dorchester), Westport Drive (south of Larson), Larson Drive, Shaffer Drive, Higgins Boulevard, Hendron Road (north of State Route 317), Marketing Place, Directors Boulevard, Greenpointe Drive North (north of Groveport Road), Greenpointe Drive South (south of Groveport Road), Groveport Road west to Swisher Road, and West Bixby Road (from State Route 317 west to the railroad).

Besides the West Bixby Road and Hendron Road improvement projects that are currently underway, there are several other possible big road projects planned for sometime in the next five years. These projects and their tentative dates and estimated costs, include: Center Street reconstruction north of Main Street, (2022) $886,000 ; West Street reconstruction north of Main Street (2022) $890,000; widening Groveport Road at the entrance to Groveport Park (2020) $419,000; Higgins Boulevard reconstruction (date not determined) $385,000; Wirt Road reconstruction from Main Street to College Street (date not determined) $2.9 million; Groveport Road reconstruction from State Route 317 to Swisher Road (2020) $50,000; Toy Road pavement rehabilitation (2017) $25,000; and traffic signal upgrades at Hamilton Road and Firehouse Lane, $420,000, and Hamilton Road and Higgins/Director Boulevard, $360,000, (2018, 2019, or 2020).

Planned water line replacements and their tentative dates and estimated costs include: Hanstein Addition (2018) $660,000; Front Street on the east side of the street (2018) $100,000; Elm Street, Center Street, and West Street west of College Street (2022) $659,000; and Elm Street, Walnut Street, and Grove Street east of College Street (2022) $791,000.

Funding for these potential road and water projects will come from a mix of local dollars, Ohio Public Works Commission grants, Ohio Department of Transportation funds, Franklin County funds, and other sources to be determined.

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