Reynoldsburg to update its master plan


Christine Bryant
Staff Writer

With new additions such as the YMCA on the horizon, Reynoldsburg city officials are taking steps to draft a plan that would create a road map for the future.

With 25 years passing since the last drafting of a Comprehensive Master Plan for Reynoldsburg, Director of Public Service Bill Sampson said the current plan is out of date.

“The intent is to define where we’re at today economically from a development standpoint, infrastructure, parks and rec, where we want to be today, where we want to be in two, five, 10, 20 years,” Sampson said. “This is a tool that we recommend that the city use that is defined.”

Reynoldsburg City Council and the public would have input on the working document, he said.
“The road map will guide the appropriate use of lands and development within the city in order to protect the public health and safety, improve the economic environment and serve as a guide for improvements to infrastructure,” Sampson said.

The master plan identifies suitable locations for commercial, housing and mixed-use development, as well as locations where the city should increase density and redevelop. The plan also identifies opportunities to extend or improve open space, recreational areas and civic facilities.

In addition, master plans create strategies for increasing economic development and solving congestion and transportation issues, as well as identify ways to maximize environmental, historic and cultural resources.

“As a result, the master plan has a direct relationship to its citizens, whether you live, work or own a business in Reynoldsburg,” Sampson said.

As a reflection of the community’s vision for the future, the master plan will include input from a broad section of the community demographic to build interest, excitement and awareness of the process, he said.

The next step is for the Reynoldsburg Department of Public Service to advertise for statements of qualifications from firms who will assist the city in drafting the document.

Income tax update

The city’s tax rate officially will increase from 1.5 to 2.5 percent July 1.

At that time, employers located in Reynoldsburg must increase the percentage being withheld for employees. Employers located outside Reynoldsburg with employees working in Reynoldsburg must increase the percentage to 2.5 percent as well.

According to the city, residents and non-residents who currently pay an estimated tax should amend their estimates to cover the 1-percent increase. However, as long as they filed a good faith estimate and pay it in full timely, they will not be assessed a late payment penalty or interest for underpayment of the estimated tax.

Those who do not amend their estimates will have additional tax due that must be paid in full when a 2017 return is filed in April 2018.

Reynoldsburg residents who work in a city that has a tax rate less than 2.5 percent will see an increase in tax due, amounting in the difference between the 2.5 percent and the workplace tax rate.

For information on the income tax rate increase, go to


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