Reynoldsburg Schools in world of hurt

The Reynoldsburg school district announced it will make cuts as a result of its levy failing on the November ballot and will place a new levy on the May ballot.

"We are in a world of hurt," said Superintendent Stephen Dackin at the school board’s Nov. 18 meeting. "To make an analogy to a hospital, we are in intensive care right now."

The new levy would need to be larger than the 6.9 mill issue that voters rejected "to make up the difference" from revenue lost this current school year, Dackin said.

In the past three years, the district has trimmed $6 million from its budget and regardless of whether or not a spring levy passes, the district must cut another $2 million, Dackin said.

If the spring levy fails, the district must cut another $6 million for a total of $14 million out of a $58 million budget, Dackin said.

"In years past when an issue was defeated, we were not already at the end of the rope," school board president Cheryl Max said.  "We were able to go to the ballot twice without people up in arms, ‘how dare you cut this?’ The community will be surprised by the big ticket items (that will be cut)."

Dackin is meeting with the district’s principals to create two lists of cuts – one for if the levy passes and one for if the levy fails.

"Literally everything is on the table. It is important for people to know exactly what they are voting on," Dackin said. "We hope to identify the lists of cuts by mid-January. There is a real potential for job loss in the district and we have an ethical obligation to notify the affected employees as soon as possible."

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