Reynoldsburg puts vacant property owners on notice

Messenger photo by Christine Bryant
This duplex on Birchview Drive in Reynoldsburg is on the city’s list of vacant residences that are not within code due to grass that grown beyond the 6-inch high limit.

Vacant property owners are now on notice that the city of Reynoldsburg is not tolerating yards that are not within code.

The city is looking at passing an amendment that will allow it to better control noxious vegetation at vacant properties more efficiently. A first reading on the ordinance was read at the Oct. 13 city council meeting.

Currently, if there is grass above the 6-inch minimum or tree limbs that are overgrown, code enforcement will speak with the property owners and give them seven days to bring the property back up to code.

If the property owners are not home, an orange sticker will be left on the front door stating the property owner must take care of the vegetation within one week.

The problem, says Acting Safety and Services Director Pamela J. Boratyn, is when code enforcement comes across vacant or abandoned properties.

"So putting the notice there doesn’t really accomplish much," she said.

The new amendment would give the city the authority to take care of the overgrown vegetation while attempting to locate the owner of the property – making the orange stickers a thing of the past.

The amendment allows the city to be proactive in its approach and address the concerns of neighbors, City Attorney Jed Hood said at a Oct. 6 council meeting.

"It eliminates that week window because we’re now no longer leaving that notice for someone who’s not there and who’s not going to be there," he said.

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