Reynoldsburg pool hall ordinance passes


After weeks of debating a nearly 40-year old-law that forbids the sale of alcohol in establishments that have more than one pool table, Reynoldsburg City Council Oct. 8 voted 5-2 in favor of amending the ordinance.   

Council members Donna Shirey and Mel Clemens voted against amending the ordinance.

Prior to the vote Reynoldsburg resident Bruce Sowell praised Shirey and Clemens for publicly opposing the amendments to an ordinance.  Sowell stated that the current ordinance in question has worked for the city without fail, for many years.  

Sowell went on to declare that there were enough drinking establishments in the city.  

"I want to go on record as opposing this change for just one business. I’d like to see the legislation remain in its current form," Sowell said. "I’m disappointed. Crime in that area is out of control."

Mike Maszon, co-owner of The Spot Family Fun and Billiards, was happy to hear that the law has been changed but is aware that the game is not over.   

"We will now begin the lengthy process of applying for a liquor license," Maszon said.

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