Reynoldsburg police have come a long way in 50 years


 Messenger photo by Stephanie Nesler

Reynoldsburg Police Detective Brian Marvin demonstrates the modern technology he uses to investigate high-tech crimes, a far cry from the one officer and an an answering machine available 50 years ago. The department celebrated its 50th anniversary with an open house Oct. 29. Below, an officer in 1957 sets up a radar station to catch speeders.


The Reynoldsburg Police Department celebrated 50 years of service during an open house Sept. 29.  

The department was established in 1957 and was headquartered in a small unmanned room located on the southeast corner of Main Street and State Route 256.  

A brochure distributed at the open house stated that in 1957 an answering machine referred callers to the sheriff’s office, which in turn would contact the lone officer on duty by two-way radio.  


From one officer to the current 53 officers and 18 civilian employees, the Reynoldsburg Police Department has experienced change.  

Such change is most evident when you speak with Detective Brian Marivn, also known as the "The Computer Guy."


Detective Marvin and his silent partner FRED,  a specialized Forensic Recovery Evidence Device, are able to investigate crimes involving technology, a modern-day problem which did not exist in 1957.

Marvin, who lectures at schools and civic organizations about Internet safety, often finds himself investigating Internet fraud, identity thefts and email scams.  

Marvin stated that he can’t stress enough the importance of keeping family computers in common areas.  

"Most of the jobs I have come from children who have a computer in a private area," continued Marvin, who has been on the Reynoldsburg force since 1997.


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