Reynoldsburg looking for energy savings


By Dustin Ensinger
Staff Writer

The city of Reynoldsburg has the potential to reduce its utility expenses and building maintenance costs by more than to $2 million over the next 15 years, according to a company that specializes in the service.

Representatives with ABM Industries, a provider of facilities solutions, told city council  at its June 22 meeting they have the opportunity to reduce utility and maintenance costs by about $150,000 each year if they implement the company’s strategies.

“This is a really exciting opportunity for Reynoldsburg here,” said Rob Wood, an account executive with the company.

Under a proposal by the company, it would assess each of the city’s buildings and utility expenses and develop a plan to lower those costs.

Wood says annual gas and electric costs by more than $120,000 each year, largely through the installation of LED streetlights, which would save an estimated $91,000 annually. The estimated utility savings are one-third of the city’s gas and electric expenses.

The city could save another $20,000 each year in maintenance costs, Wood estimates.

However, to achieve those savings, the city would need to expend dollars up front, likely by borrowing the funds needed for the projects that ABM Industries deems necessary. The upfront cost is unknown at this point.

“This is a financial tool to address challenges you guys have in your buildings,” said Wood.
The company plans to come back in July with a more detailed plan featuring concrete cost estimates.

Council has not committed to proceeding with any projects related to the proposal.

“At this point, this is just a discussion item,” said Mayor Brad McCloud.

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