Reynoldsburg councilman wants limits on home occupancy


A potential ordinance concerning  multi-occupancy of residences was a topic of discussion during Oct. 15 Reynoldsburg City Council committee meetings.

Reynoldsburg City Council members are considering adopting legislation that would limit the number of adult occupants to any one residence.  

"Adult" would be defined in this instance as anyone over the age of 18.  In addition the ordinance would require a specific square footage per adult occupant.   

Clemens stated that this is an ordinance to protect people.  

"Overcrowding of adults is a health and safety issue and is the main purpose for the proposed ordinance.  I’m not trying to kick any kids out of the house.  We want families to live in Reynoldsburg homes and raise their families.  I myself had five kids and threebedrooms," Clemens said.

Clemens said that this is basically an over crowding ordinance which is fairly detailed.  

He encouraged council members to look over the proposed ordinance and talk with community members.  The multi-occupancy discussion will be continued at the next city council meeting.

Debate over so-called "boarding houses" in Reynoldsburg arose over concerns about immigrant workers living in one house. The property owner in that case explained that all the occupants were related.

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