Reynoldsburg councilman promises debate on housing ordinance


Reynoldsburg City Council continued discussions of occupant restrictions during their Oct. 22 meeting.  

Neighborhood homes used for boarding seasonal workers seem to be at the heart of the proposed amendment additions.


Reynoldsburg resident Diane Seaton questioned the proposed ordinance changes.

"I’m seeking clarifications," Seaton asked. "Would this ordinance affect all housing or just rentals? Is this a city wide issue or an issue specific to one area?"


Councilman Mel Clemens stated that her concerns were valid and open for discussion during the Nov. 5 council meeting.  

"We want to discuss this topic thoroughly," said Clemens. "That’s what these meetings are for."

 Clemens stated that council would have several more meetings, if not more, to discuss this topic and encouraged all residents to share their views.

 Since May, council has been wrestling with the issue of boarding houses for immigrant workers zoned for single-family use.

Clemens, who has been working with Reynoldsburg City Attorney Jed Hood, said  that he is dedicated to creating an ordinance that is family-friendly and enforceable.


The proposed ordinance would require a minimum square footage per adult occupant and specific bedroom and bathroom requirements, all features designed to tackle overcrowding issues.


In other council news:

 •A motioned passed that will allow the Reynoldsburg Division of Police to apply for a grant from the Department of Homeland Security for a Live Scan Fingerprinting System.  The Live Scan system, which electronically transmits fingerprints, will allow officers in the field to immediately and efficiently obtain information on detained individuals.

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