Reynoldsburg council approves 2014 city budget


By Dustin Ensinger

Staff Writer

After operating on an interim budget for the first quarter of the year, Reynoldsburg City Council approved a $14.3 million budget for 2014 with revenues projected at $14.1 million.

The budget shaves about $500,000 in appropriations from the interim budget, according to Councilman Chris Long.

“We tightened our belts even more,” he said.

The largest decrease in spending comes from the police department’s budget.

City Auditor Richard Harris said the savings were achieved through accounting for turnover in the department and officers on reserve duty in the armed forces.

“There will be turnover in the department, as there always has been,” Harris said.

The police department is also the largest city expenditure at $8.6 million, up from the $8.2 million spent in 2013. The increase is driven by a 3 percent cost of living wage increase.

The budget is an increase over the $13.3 million spent in 2013.

Despite voting for its approval, Councilman Scott Barrett called the budget “embarrassing,” saying it does nothing to address the city’s revenue problem.

“It needs to get passed or else the city shuts down,” he said following the meeting.

The city was required to pass a budget by March 31.

Barrett blamed a lack of administrative leadership for the city’s revenue problem. Four consecutive income tax increases have been defeated at the ballot box.

“We are unable to address serious issues,” Barrett said. “We’re literally just running at status quo.”

City honored

Ohio Auditor Dave Yost presented the city with the Auditor of State Award with Distinction. The award is based on a clean audit, the timely filing of financial reports and several other criteria. Yost said the award is very rare.

“Only about 5 percent of Ohio’s public entities achieve this award,” Yost said.



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