Residents take water and sewer concerns to township trustees


By Hannah Poling
Staff Writer

Residents from the Community Gardens Mobile Home Park attended the Pleasant Township board meeting on Nov. 22 to address concerns about water and sewage.

According to the residents, this is a reoccurring problem that affects everyone who lives in the community. The problem has been going on for the last several years, first gaining attention when the park was accused of dumping raw sewage into the Darby River. The residents said now their sewage problems are worse than ever.

Residents reported problems that include pink water coming out of their faucets, sewage backing up under mobile homes, and a lack of water pressure. Some residents reported that last year, they went an entire week without water and others said the sewer pumps do not support the number of mobile homes in the community.

Residents have reported the issues to the park’s manager and maintenance staff, but they said no one has been able to find the owner.

“We don’t know who to report it to. There is no one to call except the park manager. Everyone drops off money somewhere else. We already called the city and the county,” one resident said.

Other residents shared concern for their children’s safety with large sewer trenches running through their backyards.

“We have tried to find the proper routes to remedy this but the trailer park we stay at is refusing to do anything,” another concerned resident said.

The trustees said that they would help the community get some answers.

“We will start making phone calls tomorrow and track down somebody higher to deal with. There has to be someone to get a hold of,” board chairwoman Nancy Hunter said.

The residents in the community wished to keep their names out of print for fear of retaliation.



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