Residents ask for information on trash collection plans

By Amanda Ensinger
Staff Writer

Franklin Township residents voiced concern about a lack of action by the board related to securing a trash contract as they continue to see prices increase. At a recent meeting, residents questioned when the township will be entering into any trash agreement.

“Several meetings ago we talked about trash and entering a consortium, but there has been no action since then,” said Janet Ward, township resident. “What are we doing? Do I need to start looking for someone else to take my trash or are we entering into a consortium?”

According to the trustees, there is no news to share.

“There is nothing new or different,” said Ralph Horn. “The consortium isn’t set and ready to run yet.”

This upset residents who have been waiting for months for the township to enter the consortium. The last update residents were given in the fall was that the township wanted to address residents’ concerns with Local Waste Services before entering into any agreement with them.

“Some residents had concerns about working with Local Waste Services so the trustees are looking into these issues,” said Mark Potts, administrator for the township. “Trustees Aryeh Alex has requested a meeting with Local Waste to address these concerns and resolve them.”

Since the fall, the township has been considering bringing one trash hauler to the region by entering the SWACO Consortium II. The consortium would include Franklin Township, as well as the village of Brice, Clinton, Pleasant, Sharon and Truro townships and cost residents approximately $20 a month. This fee would include trash, recycling and yard waste collection from Local Waste.

This would be a five-year term, meaning rates would not change for five years,” said Mari Long of SWACO at a public meeting in the fall.

The township has until March 22 to determine if they would like to enter the consortium, so they have opted to wait until they have answers from Local Waste before making any decision.

However, residents have said they would like to know sooner than later what the township is going to do before they enter into a trash contract on their own.

“My bill keeps going up. When are we going to find out if we will be part of the consortium?” Ward asked. “If we enter a consortium, we will have set prices for a while and that would better than the contracts we currently are getting on our own.”

Ward also said she doesn’t want to enter into a contract and then the township decides to enter the consortium.

The trustees said residents should continue to operate as if there isn’t going to be a consortium.

“I’m not going to worry about it until the end of the year,” Horn said. “If you don’t hear anything about it, don’t worry about it. If you want to change carriers, then do it.”

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