Resident opposition to hospital signs


By Andrea Cordle
Southwest Editor

Mount Carmel Hospital opened its newest location in Grove City on Jan. 21, but not everyone in the community welcomed the medical center.

At the Jan. 21 meeting, resident Steve Goble asked Grove City Council to appeal the hospital’s sign package. Last month, the board of zoning appeals granted variances for the sign package. It includes a freeway pylon sign and a large sign at the hospital’s entrance.

Goble wanted council to reverse the zoning board’s decision.

“I don’t like the idea,” said Goble.

Goble purchased his home on Orders Road Court in 1991. He said he could see the medical center from his back yard.

“It is lit up like a Christmas tree,” said Goble. “I don’t want another bright sign.”

Chris Lagana, a representative from Mount Carmel, said the company wants to erect a large freeway sign along Interstate 71. He said it is a standard sign for Mount Carmel, similar to the one along the highway leading to Mount Carmel East.

According to Lagana, the letters are black during the day, but they light up at night. He said only the letters glow, not the entire sign.

“This sign is intended to be viewed at a high rate of speed,” said Lagana, “but it is not a distraction.”

Goble said the sign near Mount Carmel East is placed near a commercial area, not a residential area like the Grove City location. He said from his vantage point, he would be able to see the highway sign and the entrance sign.

Goble also said his neighbors oppose the signage, though no one else addressed council on the matter.

City Administrator Chuck Boso said he does not believe the light from the hospital’s sign would be any brighter than headlights on vehicles along the interstate.

Goble said he opposed the location of the hospital and thought State Route 665 would have been a better site.

“I told the city that we didn’t want a hospital in that location,” said Goble. “That did no good.”

Council voted against appealing the decision and they will allow the Mount Carmel sign package.

Goble said he might try to work with the company to see if they could plant trees or offer some visual barrier for residents along Orders Road Court.

Mount Carmel Grove City opened a 36,000 square foot emergency care facility with advanced medical technology. It will serve thousands of residents from Grove City and the surrounding areas.

Councilwoman Maria Klemack-McGraw said Mount Carmel would provide much-needed health care service to the community. She thanked the company for locating in Grove City.


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