Remember When: Regiment marches to station

Company C, Fourth Regiment from London, marches to the London train station on Main Street in 1916. (That particular station no longer exists.) The regiment was formed in the summer of 1915. John C. Volka was elected captain, R.M. Cheseldine was first lieutenant, and R.M. Mabe was second lieutenant.


Mustered at that time were: Pearle Ames, Darwin Beach, Raymond M. Cheseldine, Raymond Eades, Merrill Emmons, Marion Engard, Walter R. Engard, William M. Farrar, Cyril Fisher, Joseph Ford, Fred Guthrie, W.J. Guthrie, Frank Johnson, Robert D. Jones, George Kelly, Ernest Lane, Caylor B. Lewis, Raymond M. Mabe, John L. Moon, Ed L. Morrissey, Ray A. Morrissey, Charles R. Morcher, Pearl H. Moats, John T. Norris, Wiley B. Queen, Albert B. Rankin, Robert L. Rea, William C. Roberts, W.J. Robey, Rupert Roddy, Harry F. Smith, John Spring, Richard P. Strain, Lester G. Summers, J.F. Swartz, Fred W. Thiel, John Thiel, Kyle M. Vance, Nathan Vanskoy, John C. Volka, Fred E. Walp, Frank Webb Jr., Francis Whalen and Walter G. Willis.

Capt. Volka had a column in the local papers outlining the actions of the regiment during the war.

Earl Ballenger is a resident of London. To share old photos, call the Madison Messenger at 740-852-0809.

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