Remember When: Newport School 1935-36

This photograph shows the students in grades 3, 4 and 5 at Newport School in 1935-36. The school was located at the north end of Newport. 

The teacher in the picture was Forest Emily Baughn. She taught school for 36 years. She and her husband resided in Newport. She died in 1981 at age 85. The other teachers at the school were Roy Gossard, who taught the grammar grades, and Mary J. Heironimus, who taught the primary grades. 

Historical information indicates that the school was a three-room, brick structure.

We have identified one of the students in the photo. In the front row on the far right stands Wayne Henry.

An 1862 map of Paint Township shows the school sitting on land now owned by the Henry family. Nancy Henry provided this photo to us.

Columnist Earl Ballenger is a resident of London. If you have an old photograph to share, call 740-852-0809.  

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