Remember When: Madison County Infirmary

Madison County appropriated funds in September 1857 to purchase land and construct buildings for a county infirmary.

The land is located on state Route 42 towards South Charleston, across the road from where Cordle’s Motel is now located.

The county didn’t actually purchased the land until June 1866. The house that was standing on the property was the first infirmary. The new structure, shown here, became operational in January 1872. 

The building was brick with a stone foundation and stood four stories high. The basement or first story contained 19 rooms. Each of the other stories contained 20 rooms. 

The Madison County Infirmary stood until 1956 when it was torn down and the land was sold.

The county still owns a small section of the land where the cemetery for the infirmary was located.

Earl Ballenger is a resident of London. To share old photos, call the Madison Messenger at 740-852-0809.

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