Remember When: London football team 1949

This photo of the 1949 London High School football team was taken at the field on West High Street, now called von Kanel Field. This marked the first year that James M. Bowlus served as head coach for the Raiders. He was assisted by Darwin B. Keye and Eugene Winters. The previous year, Bowlus was assistant coach to William "Bill" Hackett.

Pictured in the front row are: (from left) Coach Jim Bowlus, 29-Bill Shoaf, 50-Tom Hillman, 41-Roger Pickens, 32-John Steele, 31-Ronald Smith, 44-Sid Wilson, 55-Ronnie Kulp, 45-Joe Roberts, 47-Bill Clifton, 49-Bill Pierce, 33-Bob Ervin, 43-Sam Barnes, 26-Bill Shoaf.

Those in the second row are: (from left) Manager Charlie Keefer, 54-Bill Hunter, 30-Bruce Roudebush, 46-Dwight Simpson, 48-Charlie Burchnell, 23-Hill, 42-Dave Wilson, 34-Ronald Smith, 53-Tom Hill-man, 51-Norman Gossard, 52-John Steele, 39-Bob Hume, 21-Tom Bopley.

Those in the third row are: (from left) Manager Robert Wheeler, 36-Jim Her-man, 25-Don Cain, 37-Herman Jenkins, 38-Bill Edwards, 56-Dan Kennedy, 40-Jack Decker, 24-John Duffey, 27-Bill Minner, 35-Bob Miller, 20-Bob LeBeau, Coach Darwin Keye.

Ronnie Kulp, the quarterback, broke his leg during a game. Bob LeBeau finished out the year as quarterback. The final record for the team for the season was 6 wins and 2 losses.

Joe Roberts provided this picture, along with a homecoming program identifying the individuals.

Columnist Earl Ballenger is a resident of London. If you have an old photograph to share, call 740-852-0809.

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