Remember When: Lincoln stopped at train station

The Little Miami Railroad Station on South Main Street in London is a site of historic significance. On Feb. 14, 1861, between noon and 1 p.m. President-elect Abraham Lincoln stopped in London en route to Washington D.C. He appeared on the rear platform of a rail car and said:

“Fellow citizens, I do not appear before you to make a speech and have not the strength nor time to do so. If I were to undertake to make a speech at every station, I should be completely tuckered out before I reach the Capital.

“I perceive a band of music present, and while the iron horse stops to water himself, I would prefer they should discourse in their more eloquent speech than I am capable of.”

The band played “Hail Columbia” after which the train started up again.

The Little Miami Railroad station also was visited by General Grant of the Union Army en route to Washington D.C. He remained in the rail car.

Earl Ballenger is a resident of London. To share photos, call the Messenger at 740-852-0809.

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