Remember When: Legion cleans up in 1928

On April 25, 1928, the American Legion Post of London took over the city and its offices and rounded up 151 individuals to raise funds for playground equipment at the Children’s Home. “Fines” levied by “Mayor” H.C. Shough for the day totaled $137.50. A supper served by the Legion Auxiliary that evening raised $75. A dance at the Armory raised another $75. Additionally, the Legion held a clean-up that day; 30 trucks of debris were hauled away.

Among the Legion members shown in this photo are: Donald Bardon, “Mayor” H.C. Shough, Dave Dulsky, Floyd H. Williams, Bud Bridgman, Paul M. Yauger, Dr. F.E. Rosnagle, “Motor Officer” Wilbur Gallagher, S.E. Robison, Will Smith, M.L. Dooley, Joe Peterson, D.E. Pfarr and Dr. H.V. Christopher handcuffed (with Christopher holding a check with which to pay his fine), George Frash and A.H. Pringle.

Standing in the police patrol truck were: Eret Hull, William Bartels, G.G. Schlechty (commander of the Legion’s Madison Post), “Police Chief” Henry Beathard, and Carl Freshwater.

Maurice Beathard supplied information for this photograph.

Earl Ballenger is a resident of London. To share old photos, call the Madison Messenger at 740-852-0809.

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