Remember When: 25th reunion in 1909

In 1934, 24 people attended the 25th reunion of London High School’s Class of 1909.

The attendees in this picture are identified in no particular order as: Wooster College President Dr. Charles Wishart, Coach L.C. Boles, teacher Minnie Creath Bidwell, Mr. and Mrs. R.H. Robison, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin P. Wood, Dr. and Mrs. P.T. Engard, Pauline Asher, Mr. and Mrs. A.K. Chenoweth, Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Hume, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Harbage, Mr. and Mrs. Percy Rowand, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Winchester, Mr. and Mrs. John K. Coberly, and Mr. and Mrs. Claude Hummel.

Of those 24, 14 were member of the Class of 1909: Mrs. Engard, Mrs. Wood, Mrs. Robison, Miss Asher, Mrs. Chenoweth, Mrs. Harbage, Mrs. Hummell, Mr. Robison, Mr. Wood, Mr. Hume, Mr. Rowand, Mr. Coberly, Mr. Winchester and Mr. Chenoweth.

The class numbered 31 at graduation and 30 were still living at the time.   

This picture was supplied by Fred Winchester, the grandson of the man in the photo with the same name.

Columnist Earl Ballenger is a resident of London. If you have an old photograph to share, call 740-852-0809.

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