Remember When: 1958-59 choir

In 1958-59, the London Presbyterian Church Youth Choir included:

    Left side: (front row) Billy Rea, Sandy Ballenger, Leslie Tracey, Carol Baldwin, Michael Alexander, Jeffrey Bauman, Lee Roddy, Susan Jones; (second row) Jeb Bowlus, John Overturf, Frank Baldwin, Nancy Creath, Ricky Halterman, Beth Russell; (third row) June Rea, Janet McBride, Melinda Creath, Beverly Evans, Linda Ridenour, Terry Alexander, Kermie Hunter, Karen Lugenbeel; (fourth row) Linda Farquhar, Donnie Farquhar, Jim-mie Beathard, Pamela Goodyear, Bonnie Louden, Jeffrey Russell, Dicky Flax.

    Middle: Betty Farquhar (organist), Mary Lou Fannon, Cheryl West, Mary Jo Thomas, Helen Meade (director).

    Right side: (front row) Susan Conard, Donnie Colley, Carolyn Porter, Vicki Richardson, Candace Ballenger; (second row) Becky Beekman, Diane Flax, Becky Fannon, Sharon Jones, Susan Deck, Connie Taylor, Gary McGlaughlin; (third row) Connie Eckstein, Susan Farquhar, Corabeth Justice, Patricia Conard, Linda Fichner, Carol Hollar, David Alexander, Sandy Pfarr; (fourth row) Kathy Patterson, Vicki Lindig, Sandra Pierson, Betsy Bell, Phillip Eckert, Dale Barr, Mary Farquhar; (fifth row) Cynthia Justice, Gloria Henry, Phyllis Gordon, Kathy Eckstein, Paula Alexander, Kathy Colley, Robin Halterman.


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