Recycling in township not impacted by trash agreement

By Amanda Ensinger
Staff Writer

Residents in a local township can continue to get their recycling picked up despite it not being a part of the new trash collection program.

At a recent board meeting, Prairie Township residents asked if recycling would be impacted by the new trash collection program. The program, which started in the spring, strives to provide more unification to trash collection in the township.

While residents can pick their own trash haulers, as long as they are registered with the township, they have certain days a week trash will be collected. However, recycling was not a part of this program.

The trustees said they had no issues with recycling continuing to be picked up and have no desire to stop it.

In other news, the board approved the new Prairie Township Community Center Pool Reservation Policy.

“This policy addresses rules for the pool area, age requirements, missed reservations and cancelled reservation policies,” said Michael Pollack, director of the community center. “Members 10 years and up can use the pool and everyone must have a booked reservation. However, we are anticipating some relaxation on the restrictions.”

The fire department asked the board to renew the business agreement and memorandum of understanding with LifeCare Alliance. The fire department regularly refers elderly patients to LifeCare Alliance as a resource for a multitude of services. According to Prairie Township Fire Chief Allen Scott, there is no cost associated with this agreement.

Scott also announced that the dive team will continue doing training every other Thursday.

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