Recreation center is a priority for Westland Area Commission

By Hannah Poling
Staff Writer

At the monthly meeting, the Westland Area Commission discussed the need for recreation space on the westside.

The parks and recreation committee met earlier in the month to present potential sites, which could be suitable for a recreation center. The city of Columbus Recreation and Parks Department, as well as the Parks and Recreation Capital and Strategic Planning Team, attended the meeting to hear the presentation.

“The West Broad Street property (6145 West Broad St.) is the lowest hanging fruit. They were really excited about the location at 5300 Crosswinds Drive and the population it would serve,” said commissioner Janet Cahill.

The committee was tasked with several items that they need to accomplish to get the process started. The four parks that are currently established on the westside need to be surveyed for what needs to be replaced, improved, and what vandalism and damage has occurred. Another thing requested, is for the committee to compile a list of all of the programs and activities that they would like to put in place.

Cahill plans to do a survey and break down the programs and activities desired by different age groups of people and create a list. The committee plans to have both reports together for their next meeting on Dec. 1 at 6 p.m. Both teams will be returning to the committee meeting in February to see the progress that has been made. Cahill plans on giving them all of the upgrades needed so that they can be included in the January budget for next year.

“I want to start pushing for outdoor recreation on current facilities while we wait for the recreation center,” said Cahill.

In other news, the Westland Area Commission committee chairs were selected for the 2022-2024 term. Mike McKay will remain the chair of the zoning committee, Nancy Day-Achauer will remain chair of the public health and safety committee, and Ashley Hoye will remain the chair of the community relations committee. New commissioner Lori Balough will be taking the position of chair of the education committee, and Janet Cahill will become the chair of the parks and recreation committee. Jeff Tanner will be replacing Bill Steimer as chair of the planning development committee.

Pol Panos, reference librarian at the Westland Area Library, attended the commission to introduce himself. Panos will be taking over Denise Southworth’s position of library representative starting in 2022 for the Westland Area Commission.

According to commissioner Scott Taylor, there will be no full commission meeting in December and beginning in January 2022, the commission meetings will start being held at Auto Boutique, 1800 Georgesville Square Drive in Columbus.


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