Public can ask questions at school forum

As superintendent of London City Schools, one of Steve Allen’s goals is to improve communications with the community. One way he is doing that is through a "Community Forum."

The first forum was held Oct. 23 in the high school library. Allen plans to hold the forums monthly. They are open to the public.

The idea, he said, is to give residents a chance to ask questions and raise concerns in an informal atmosphere. He will be there to provide answers "on the spot" or, when necessary, take down information and get back to people with answers.

"It is much more a two-way conver-sation," Allen said in comparing the forum to school board meetings. At board meetings, public participation is often limited to a certain amount of time and board members and administrators are not obligated to respond to the issues during the course of the meeting.

Originally, Allen considered forming a parent advisory committee, but opted for the forum idea because it is inclusive of all district residents, not just those with children in the schools. There is no membership to the forum, he said; anyone can take part as often as they like.

Allen also is working to improve communication by revamping the district’s Web site, He and a teacher at the high school are spearheading the project.
They were going to redo the site using in-house personnel and resources. They have since opted to hire a local company to develop the site. Allen said he hopes to have it ready for a demonstration at the next school board meeting—7 p.m. Nov. 17 in the high school lecture hall.

For more information about the date and time of the next Community Forum, contact Steve Allen at 740-852-5700.

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