PT Senior Center on the move


The Prairie Township Senior Center will relocate to a smaller, less expensive venue in 2008.

The amended lease agreement will move the senior center from 4656 to 4616 W. Broad St., and extend the lease for another three years.

The new location will cost $24,960 per year in base rent, as well as an estimated $678.60 per month in real estate taxes, insurance, and common area maintenance. The township has also alloted $5,000 for renovation to the new space. In total, these costs amount to 3 percent of the township’s general budget.

To offset the cost, the senior center promises to accrue nearly $35,000 in revenue per year, thanks to other tenants.

“It is a cost to the township, but it is a reasonable cost,” said Chairman Steve Kennedy.

“The seniors have worked very hard and took the time to get the budget to where it is today.”

Still, several township residents expressed discontent in regard to the three-year contract extension. One resident in particular concluded that the township should provide as much funding for other age groups in order to benefit more residents.

According to Vice Chair Nicole Schlosser, “One of the things that the senior center has worked very diligently at over the past year is opening their doors to a lot more township activities…they are really trying to open their doors more to the community.”

Schlosser also added that the township is looking to purchase property on Hubbard Road in order to build a park.

“We are looking at the township as a whole and looking at ways we can improve life for all citizens.”

The move to the new location is expected to take place in February or March, according to a representative from the senior center.

In other news township news, the vacant apartments on Stiles and Mix Avenues will not be torn down by the end of December. Efforts are still in progress to prepare a bid packet, and the apartments should be torn down by the beginning of next year.

Also, residents on Lennox Avenue reported continuing issues with waste water drainage in their basement collecting to an alleged 13 feet of raw sewage. According to the residents, several neighbors are complaining of the same problem.

“We’re not here to complain. We’re going to replace our sewer as far as people want, but it has to get addressed. What we want is for the problem to be resolved,” said resident Garrett Jones.

Despite extensive efforts and countless expenses, the basement continues to flood, according to the resident.


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