PT makes building easy for developers

Commercial developers eying Prairie Township as a potential building site will find it easier and less time consuming to build and renovate by the end of June.

As an extension of the zoning department, Prairie Township will implement a commercial building department starting June 24, to expedite inspections for multi-family and commercial properties seeking to renovate and build in the area.

The department will come at no added cost to the township.

Instead of jumping through hoops at the state level to receive required inspections and approval, the department will provide the same service though a contract with Asebrook & Co., an architectural firm replete with qualified building inspectors, engineers, and plans examiners to enforce the Ohio Building Code and other standards.

Connie Swisher of the township’s zoning department welcomes the change due to past encounters with the state regarding building inspections.

“Prairie Township isn’t a little township,” said Swisher.

“Now, if we have a problem, we’ll be able to take care of it ourselves. The communication (with the state) is just not there.”

Swisher also is confident that the township will be able to operate the department for about 5 percent less than the state.

“Now, when Walgreen’s is built and Tim Horton’s is built, the applications for inspection will come through our department and be forwarded to Asebrook,” said Swisher.

Application fees will go toward the overhead cost of operating the department and to Acebrook. It will not provide revenue to the township.

In other news, at the recommendation of the fiscal officer, the township will switch payroll processors in order to save money and receive higher quality service.

Fiscal Officer Dan McCartle says changing payroll processors from the current Automated Data Processing, Inc. to Paycor Payroll Processing will free-up more than $500 of the township’s money or 13 percent of the current cost.

“Paycor provides—far and away—better service,” said McCartle, who boasts six years experience in professional payroll processing.

“It provides an extra level of customer service and is a benefit for all of us.”

Paycor includes additional services that ADP would charge around $75 each to utilize, said McCardle.

As for the transition, McCardle expects no interruption.

I will make every bit of effort to make this happen seamlessly,” he said. 

Also of note, Lt. Ronald Ball of the Prairie Township Fire Department will retire on July 7 after 37 years of service in the township.

Selected through the promotion process, Tim Hannum will replace Ball and Chad Story will take Hannum’s place. Story was sworn in at the township trustee meeting June 18.

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