Property in township is a cause for concern


By Hannah Poling
Staff Writer

Pleasant Township resident Sarah Karlsberger attended a recent board meeting to discuss a property in her neighborhood.

The property is located on Avon Drive. According to Karlsberger, the property has been abandoned for more than a year and is continuing to deteriorate. She said drainage issues are also occurring.

The property owner died and according to Karlsberger, nothing has been done to the property since.

“Other than throwing down a few bales of hay, nothing has happened,” said Karlsberger.
Karlsberger had a contractor come out to see if the structure was viable.

“His best advice was to have it condemned and have it filled in,” she said.

Franklin County Soil and Water had come out to the property and advised that plastic be put over it to help with erosion.

Karleberger reported that children frequent that property to play there.

“Someone has to enforce this because someone is going to get killed,” she said.

Robert Bausche from the township’s road department said he would make a few phone calls to see what can be done to address this safety issue.



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