Project aims to connect Hilltop residents with resources

By Josephine Birdsell
Staff Writer

A new resource mapping project is working to connect Hilltop residents to community services.

The Greater Hilltop Resource Mapping Project is developing a booklet and a searchable website that map all of the community services available on the Hill. Resources are mapped along specific categories, including basic health and housing, food assistance, financial and legal assistance, youth programming and social services, education and more. Each section lists involved agencies, the kinds of services they offer, times of their offered services, and contact information.

“This project really came about organically from the folks in our faith community. They were noticing people were showing up at their doors, for example, asking for coats. And they didn’t have any, and they didn’t know where to send people,” said Joe Argiro, Highland West Civic Association.

The mapping project is designed to allow people to better access resources.

Encompass, a student group at Ohio State, is responsible for the project. They worked in collaboration with Neighborhood Design Center, Cerwin, Highland West Civic Association and a number of faith based groups in the area to complete the project, Argiro said.

The mapping project will also “support funding requests, equity studies, and the streamlining of any duplication of services,” he said.

This is the first time Encompass has completed a resource mapping project in Columbus.

So the map launch will also come with a step-by-step guide for other cities and suburbs to replicate the project for their residents.




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