Progress of township park hits snag


By Amanda Amsel
Staff Writer

The first park to be operated by Franklin Township is on hold, according to the trustees.

At a recent Franklin Township board meeting, residents asked the trustees about the status of the donated park, which is located at the former Metro West Apartments on Georgesville Road across from Hollywood Casino.

“Township ownership of the park is currently on hold,” said trustee Don Cook. “Right now, the County Land Bank owns the property and is holding it until the landscaping is done,”

The park was donated last summer to Franklin Township by the Romney Group and has swing sets, a slide, a jungle gym and a nine-foot walking trail. It was
According to Cook, the park is already being used by area children, but will not go into possession of the township until the Franklin County Land Revitalization Corporation hands over the deed. There used to be four apartment buildings where the park stands. When the Romney Group bought the property, they tore down the apartments and built the park.

Last summer, officials said there would also be green space around the park and a large soccer field.

“Once we take it over, it would be nice to eventually build a shelter house and add a few more benches,” Cook said. “However, after we take possession, we will have to pay for any improvements, so it may take a while to do these things.”

Cook said he does not know when the township will take possession of the two-acre park.

The donation of this property is one of several things the Romney Group is doing to improve the area. The group bought the former Metro West Apartments in May 2014 and renovated approximately 856 of the townhomes. The company renamed the property Havenwood Townhomes.

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