Principal on state education institute

 Dr. Bobby Moore

Last fall, Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland chose 48 individuals from around Ohio to be part of his Institute for Creativity and Innovation in Education. Bobby Moore, principal at Canaan Middle School in the Jonathan Alder Local School District, was one of only four secondary principals chosen to participate.

Of his inclusion in the Institute, Moore said, "I feel privileged to represent the Jonathan Alder Schools and other principals throughout the state."

He added, "I hope to be able to impact the needed changes in the school system in Ohio."

From Feb. 28 through March 1, Moore will attend the second of three Institute workshops in Worthington. The first took place in September; the last is slated for this summer.

The purpose of next weekend’s session is to discuss ways to "build learning en-vironments that foster and nurture cre-ativity, innovation and global competence." Strickland, his wife Frances, and  his education policy advisor, John Stanford, will be the facilitators.

In describing the Institute’s overall purpose, Strickland has stated that Ohio must create a "fluid and flexible" education system that can prepare students for the changing world of employment and thereby strengthen Ohio’s economy. A common vision is needed, he said.

"One of our challenges is to address the disagreement among the various leaders in education as to the direction education should take. Many believe we are on the wrong track," Strickland wrote in the selection letter he sent to Moore and others selected for the Institute. Unfunded mandates and restrictive classroom practices are part of that discussion, he said.

Moore brings to the Institute’s table expertise in professional learning communities and emotional intelligence, concepts he discussed personally with Frances Strickland at the Institute’s fall workshop.

The basic idea behind professional learning communities is that teachers within the same school communicate with one another about what works and doesn’t work in their respective classrooms, Moore explained. Rather than working alone within their own spheres, the teachers collaborate to enhance their techniques.

"Just as the students are always learning, so are the teachers," Moore said.

As for the concept of emotional intelligence, Moore said, it requires that school administrators create working environments in which staff members can more easily adapt to change.

Moore has traveled across the United States and abroad to make presentations about professional learning communities and emotional intelligence.

Moore has spent 21 years as an educator, the last 13 of which have been at Jonathan Alder. He earned his doctorate in education in 2007 from Ashland University. Three years ago, he became principal of Canaan Middle School.

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