Price of parking debated in Grove City


By Andrea Cordle
Southwest Editor

Grove City’s administration has a plan to increase parking in the Town Center, but council wants to hold off on the plan.

At the Oct. 5 meeting, council voted to postpone legislation to purchase three properties on Park Street. The ordinance states that the city would set aside $450,000 from the general fund for the properties located at 3448, 3454 and 3460 Park Street.

According to administrators, the city would buy the three homes then repurpose the properties to put in 19 parking spaces and a pedestrian corridor.

Grove City Mayor Richard “Ike” Stage said this is the direction the city decided on years ago.

“We were planning on the dispersal of parking throughout the area,” said Stage. “This is a prime development spot.”

City Administrator Chuck Boso said those parking spaces will be needed and the value will pay for itself.

“This will spur new business development,” said Boso.

Council members agreed that additional parking in the Town Center is needed. What they had issue with was the cost of 19 spaces.

Councilwoman Laura Lanese said $450,000 is a lot of money for just 19 parking spaces.

“I can’t fathom that cost,” she said.

Council president Ted Berry agreed.

“That ends up costing $24,000 for each parking space,” said Berry.

Councilman Steve Bennett believes the planned pedestrian corridor is unnecessary.

“We already have a pedestrian corridor. It’s called Broadway,” he said.

Bennett said this corridor would have people walking behind the main business area.

Councilman Jeff Davis suggested holding off on the legislation to give council members more time to work through some of their issues with the plan.

Stage said council members and city administrators have already discussed this plan and saw no point in postponing the vote.

Boso said the owner of the three properties is willing to sell now, but that may not be the case several weeks from now.

The city also plans to vote on the purchase of two more homes in that area to increase parking. The purchase of all five properties would cost the city approximately $750,000. Those properties are expected to result in about 36 parking spaces.

The ordinance to buy and repurpose the three Park Street homes was put off until November.

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