Prehistoric playtime

 Messenger photos by Whitney Wilson Coy

“Walking with the Dinosaurs: the Live Experience,” made its way into Columbus with a roar as they opened the 4-night event at the Jerome Schottenstein Center on Aug. 22. The show, which just completed a sold out 10-week tour in Australia, uses 15 life-sized dinosaurs who walk, roar and fight, to take viewers on a trip back to the 200 million years the dinosaurs rules the Earth. In July, the show began its two-year, $20 million American arena tour. In the top photo, a tyrannosaurus-rex shows his massive teeth as he roars for the audience. The largest dinosaurs of the evening were the brachiosauruses, pictured bottom left. These massive creatures, whose real-life counterparts weighed more than 70-tons, could barely keep their heads out of the rafters as they surveyed the crowds.

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