Prairie Township trustees revisit single hauler


By Amanda Amsel
Staff Writer

A controversial topic in Prairie Township has been brought up again after the trustees have heard numerous complaints about trash collection.

At a recent board meeting, several residents complained about the constant trash collection in the township, asking trustees why they don’t have one township wide trash provider.

“Our current policy is that it is up to the individual homeowner to contract with whomever they desire for trash collection,” said Steve Kennedy, township trustee. “I believe now we are the only community in Franklin County that doesn’t have a trash contract with one hauler.”

According to Kennedy, in 2005 the township tried to hire one trash hauler for the entire township, but many residents protested. Kennedy said approximately 200 people came to the three meetings the township held on the trash issue and a majority argued against it.

“Most of the people who were against it lived in Lincoln Village and were upset because their long-time trash hauler would not be able to bid on the proposed contract,” Kennedy said.
“Their hauler said he wasn’t big enough to collect trash for the entire township.”

According to Kennedy, residents said the hauler, Cumberlander Rubbish, also would go out of business if he lost all of their service.

Several residents said they were frustrated with constantly seeing trash cans on the curb and having trash trucks up and down their roads on a daily basis.

The trustees said they would be willing to reexamine the issue and would ask residents their opinions via the township’s website.

“The other issue that came up when the trustees tried to do this last time was that all the township residents that owned a home would have to pay for the trash service,” Kennedy said.
“Some residents felt that they had a right to take care of their own trash and shouldn’t have to be a part of the service.”

According to the trustee, if the township had one hauler for the area, rates for residents would be significantly less.

Kennedy said the trustees want what the residents want; if they are now interested in one trash hauler for the entire township they are willing to examine it. However, if they want things to stay as is, they are willing to do that too.

To submit your opinion on what Prairie Township should do about the trash service in the township, visit

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