Prairie Township to sell nuisance properties

By Amanda Ensinger
Staff Writer

A local township plans to sell nuisance properties that have been abandoned and neglected by owners. At a recent meeting, the Prairie Township trustees gave an update on the sale of these properties.

The township sold 324 Mix Ave. for $5,200 and 445 Emmit Ave., 447 Emmit Ave. and a third adjacent lot for a combined cost of $3,450.

“The proceeds will go into the township’s general fund as miscellaneous revenue and will be used for township operations,” said Rob Peters, administrator for Prairie Township.

The properties being sold have been forfeited due to being abandoned or no tax payment. Once the properties are forfeited to the Central Ohio Community Improvement Corporation (COIC), the organization gives the properties to the township.

“Our goal is to take the unused property and get it back to being useful again,” Peters said. “We then want to sell the property to someone who would improve the home, build a new single-family home, or lives adjacent to the property.”

Peters said the ideal situation is to see the property redeveloped.

The township continues to struggle with eyesore properties, continually abating properties that residents are leaving unkept.

“So far this year, 945 nuisance inspections have been completed,” Peters said. “And 248 nuisances have been declared by the trustees and our road department staff have abated 62 nuisances.”

The expenses for abating these properties are submitted to the Franklin County Auditor to be assessed to the property owner’s real property taxes. So far in 2020, the township has assessed $13,627 for trash on resident’s property taxes and $11,000 for grass mowing.

“It is our goal to get voluntary compliance, so we do not have to use our staffs’ time to abate nuisances on private property,” Peters said.

In other news, the board gave an update on the banners on West Broad Street.

This year, the banners honoring local soldiers will stay up on Broad Street until after Veteran’s Day, Nov. 11. After these banners are taken down, the annual holiday banners and wreathes will go up.

The township also is moving along with several projects at the Galloway Road Sports Complex.

“We will be bidding the Galloway Road widening, turning lane and parking lot for the Galloway Road Sports Complex after the first of the year with a planned completion in 2021,” Peters said.

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  1. The township seems to cherry pick up the nuscience cases.There is a property in my neighborhood that the township won’t declare a nuscience because there isn’t a “property maintenance” agreement in the township.A property agreement was turned down by voters 14 years ago and two trustees feel it unnecessary.
    If a property is denied a nuscience by the township, where are we to go next?
    I sent a complaint to the board of health since Prairie Twp refused to deal with the issues and in yet to get a response from the health dept
    Nice to see our taxes at work here.


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