Prairie Township to host farmer’s market


By Amanda Amsel
Staff Writer

As Prairie Township inches forward with the opening of its new community center, organizers are starting to finalize the many entertainment options available at the center.

One of those options includes a new farmer’s market that will be hosted by the center.

“The farmer’s market will be something new for the township,” said James Gant, director of the center. “People will be able to shop for fresh produce every Monday right in their own backyard.”

At a recent township board meeting, the trustees approved moving forward with the proposed market. It will operate every Monday evening from 4 to 7 p.m. in front of the center.

“When the idea for the market came about, we reached out to several local farmers and all of them expressed an interest in participating,” Gant said. “None of them know of any other farmer’s market in the area on Mondays evenings, so they thought this was a great opportunity to provide their fresh produce to new clientele.”

The market is expected to open July 6 and operate until Sept. 28. Next year, organizers plan on having the market start in the spring and end in early fall.

Everything sold at the market will be made or produced in Ohio, offering residents an opportunity to support their local economy.

This is just one of many events the center plans on doing as they integrate themselves into the Prairie Township community. Some of the other activities the center will be hosting include a tree lighting ceremony and a pumpkin in the pool event.

“We also will have a Touch Truck Event where kids will get a chance to get an up close look at the fire trucks and other township truck vehicles,” Gant said. “We think kids will really love this event because they will get a chance to climb all over them and get a close up look at them.”

The center, which was supposed to open in May, has been delayed because of construction. Gant said they currently plan on doing a soft opening the week of June 15 and having their official opening in early July.

According to Gant, they are close to opening and are currently paving the parking lot and filling the pool.

While membership to the center is not being sold yet, interested non-residents and residents can visit for pricing information.
According to Gant memberships will be sold was soon as the township has a definite opening date.

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