Prairie Township officials clarify trash collection proposal

By Amanda Ensinger
Staff Writer

Township officials are clarifying a plan to possibly bring unified trash collection to the area. Prairie Township has been considering creating a more structured process for how trash is collected.

According to Prairie Township Administrator Rob Peters, the township has been looking for ways to improve trash collection in the community for months.

“Since August, I have been working with our residential trash haulers to develop a structured system of collection,” Peters said. “This new trash system will have a pickup schedule so that trash is only on the street one day per week, per street.”

Peters said that the township would still allow multiple trash haulers in the township but wants to eliminate the amount of trash out on the streets throughout the week.

“We are looking at requiring proper trash containers to eliminate bags of trash setting on the ground,” he also said.

According to Peters, currently trash is collected in the township different days Monday through Thursday. This means some people who live on the same street don’t have their trash collected on the same day, so four days a week trash could be set out on the same street. The hope is that residents who live on the same street will have their trash collected on the same day, regardless of the hauler they use.

“We are having a rat issue with the trash on the streets almost every day of the week,” Peters said. “Having trash frequently out is a food source for them. Not having trash out four days a week will help solve this problem.”

As the weather turned warm, the township received an increase in complaints related to rats that has correlated with how trash is collected in the township.

During a recent meeting, Peters presented these recommendations to the board. Some of his recommendations included creating a schedule for all collections to occur Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday township wide; having all trash contractors on the same schedule, including having each street have one pickup day each week; no trash collection on national holidays; all residential units within R-2, R-4, R-6 and R-8 zoning will be required to have trash collection; approved trash collection containers must be used at each address; and trash collection companies will be required to be licensed by the township to be a vendor in the township.

Peters also recommended creating a home rule resolution and implementing the new program by Jan. 1, 2021.

The trustees said that by eliminating overflowing trash cans and bags being placed on the curb, it will reduce food sources for rats.

The board agreed to further discuss creating a resolution in the near future.

Also, at the meeting, the board approved increasing the capacity of members at the community center from 50 to 100. As a result of the pool and other activities opening up, the center wanted to increase the number of people allowed inside.

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