Pothole and curb repair program being evaluated

The city is continuing to evaluate its pothole curb repair program, City Engineer Jim Miller told council members at the meeting.

During the past couple of weeks, city workers have began repairs on Schenk Avenue and Hunt Valley Drive based on the evaluation that those two roads were some of the worst in the city.

"We kind of look at this as a fix the worst first program," Miller said.

City workers will continue to go street by street during these next few months to evaluate the condition of the curbs and gutters. Once the Schenk Avenue and Hunt Valley Drive repairs are made, the city will move on to its next priority, Miller said.

Council member Mel Clemens said he prefers to see whole areas of curbs fixed rather than one or two streets at a time.

"That way you’re not skipping all over town," he said.

Council president William L. Hills wants the city to move quickly with repairs not only so residents can see progress, but for liability reasons.

"I’m going to be candid," Hills said. "Big enough holes in the gutter become a liability because we know they’re there."

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