Police catch suspect

Police catch suspect

A traffic stop in Groveport on July 29 lead to an all out search after the suspect fled. On July 30, police captured the suspect.

According to Groveport Police Chief Ralph Portier, Groveport Police officers made a traffic stop on a known suspect, Charles “CJ” Shaw, whose last known address was on Hanstein Place in Groveport.

“Shaw has a warrant for domestic violence, but is also (allegedly) associated with homicide suspects out of Columbus,” said Portier. “After the officer made the stop, the suspect ran from the car south through the woods at Lithopolis Road and Groveport Road.”

The July 29 search included efforts by the Groveport Police, Franklin County Sheriff deputies, Madison Township Police, Madison Township Fire Department, Metro Parks Officers, Columbus Police as well as the use of a police helicopter.

On July 30, Portier said Groveport Police and Columbus Police returned to a residence on Hanstein Place in Groveport after an anonymous call came through stating the suspect was there.

“After checking, he was not located, but a half hour later, Columbus Police flushed him out and the suspect ran towards Ebright Road and was subsequently captured,” said Portier.

Portier said the suspect will be charged on his outstanding warrant as well as fleeing. He said all charges will be through the Columbus Police Department.

“Groveport Police officers, Madison Township police and fire departments, even the Metro Parks, did a phenomenal job assisting on Monday night,” said Portier. “As well as on Tuesday, in addition to Groveport Police, Madison Township Police, Obetz Police, Lithopolis Police, Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, and Columbus Police. Providing public safety to Madison Township and Groveport takes a lot of teamwork. Officers pride themselves on being there for their brothers and sisters, regardless of what uniform they wear. When teamwork is done correctly, everyone goes home at the end of the day, good guys and bad guys alike, it’s what we do.”

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  1. I would like to also extend my appreciation to the Madison Township Police Department, Metro Park Officers and Madison Township Fire Department for there quick response and efforts during this search. All agencies allotted man power and resources in order to help the the Groveport Police Department secure the scene and search for this individual.

  2. I would also like to extend my appreciation to the Madison Township Police Department, Madison Township Fire Department and Metro Park Officers for their time searching the immediate area and surrounding areas. Their time effort and resources were greatly appreciated.


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