Domestic violence incident results in police pursuit


By Rick Palsgrove
Groveport Editor

A domestic violence incident, allegedly involving a gunshot, resulted in police pursuing a suspect from Groveport to east Columbus.

According to the Groveport Police, on Dec. 16 near 10 p.m., a 27-year-old woman, who is professionally contracted to clean city of Groveport facilities, had completed her cleaning duties at the Groveport Municipal Golf Course when she saw her 27-year-old ex-boyfriend approaching her in his vehicle. (Both the man and the woman reside on the westside of Columbus.)

Groveport Police indicated the woman did not want to see the ex-boyfriend and drove away from the golf course northbound on Richardson Road while also calling 9-11. With the ex-boyfriend pursuing her in his vehicle, she drove east on Groveport Road and turned into the Groveport Recreation Center parking lot.

“She was trying to get away from him and he followed her into the Groveport Recreation Center parking lot,” said Groveport Police Chief Casey Adams.

The woman told police that, while in the parking lot, she (allegedly) heard a gunshot. The Groveport Police said the man allegedly said he fired his gun in the air to get her attention.

According to the Groveport Police report, the suspect had a .40 caliber handgun and a .40 caliber shell casing was found on the scene.

Adams said the woman then drove from the parking lot and headed westbound on Groveport’s Main Street with her ex-boyfriend in pursuit of her.

Groveport Police officers responded and the ex-boyfriend fled down West Street, Elm Street, and then over the railroad tracks north on old Hamilton Road in his vehicle with the police in pursuit. Officers indicated the suspect at times “went dark” by turning off the lights on his car during the chase. The pursuit continued north on State Route 317 to westbound U.S. Route 33 toward Columbus with three Groveport Police cruisers following the suspect.

Adams said Franklin County Sheriff deputies deployed stop sticks at I-270 and U.S. Route 33, but the suspect avoided them and continued on to I-70 westbound exiting at Livingston Avenue where another Franklin County Sheriff deputy was waiting.

According to Adams, the suspect drove around the deputy, ran a red light and then his vehicle was broadsided by another vehicle.

“His vehicle was pushed into a pole and then the suspect fled on foot to a nearby bike path and wooded area,” said Adams, where an Ohio State Highway Patrol helicopter spotted the suspect and he was arrested.

Adams said that during the vehicle pursuit at no time did the speed of the vehicles exceed 50 to 60 mph.

“There were no injuries,” said Adams.

According to the Groveport Police, the suspect was charged with domestic violence, aggravated menacing, menacing by stalking, a weapons charge, and fleeing and eluding.

Adams said the suspect is in the Franklin County Jail with a $50,000 bond for the misdemeanor charges and a $50,000 bond for the felony charges.


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