Police protection remains in PT

Prairie Township renewed its contract with the Franklin County Police Department in order to maintain police protection in the area.

The Police Services Agreement, effective in the township for thirty years, ensures that two deputy sheriffs patrol the township for a combined 152 hours per week at a yearly cost of $281,396.00, plus any additional costs for overtime hours.

“We feel that it’s a benefit to have patrol cars in Prairie Township,” said Nicole Schlosser.

The cost of the agreement reflects a credit afforded to the township. The original cost of the contract, without the credit, totaled $483,089.00. Due to the size of the township in proportion to the other two participating areas, the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office provides Prairie Township with a credit of $201,285.00 off the original cost.

The two other areas that utilize a Police Services Agreement are Canal Winchester (Franklin County) and Hamilton Township.

In other news, the new township Web site is up and running. 

The website can be accessed at www.prairietownship.org.

Also, township members are encouraged to attend a gang education meeting, presented by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

The program aims to teach community members to recognize gang activity and relay suggestions to keep the area safe.

The meeting is scheduled for March 15 from 1 to 5 p.m. at the Prairie Township Senior Center, 4656 West Broad St.

Lunch will be provided one hour before the meeting.

Any interested parties should call 878-5110 by March 8 to reserve their seat.

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