Police on patrol

In addition to patrolling the city in police cruisers, the Groveport Police also patrol the town on foot. “An officer will patrol on foot about three to four times per shift,” said Groveport Police Sgt. Josh Short. “It gives us a chance to look around at things in the community more closely and to talk with people who are out and about.” Pictured here is Groveport Police Officer Javier Herrera recently walking a beat on Main Street. Groveport Police Chief Ralph Portier said all the city’s police officers are on their normal schedules. He added the department has received few complaints about gatherings of 10 people or more during the coronavirus shutdown. “Officers are encountering juveniles gathering together and are telling them to disperse,” said Portier. “The Groveport community is responding to the crisis well and in a civil fashion. The Groveport Police have received several donated supplies of masks. Several officers have also responded above and beyond to citizens’ needs by buying toilet paper and water for those who need it. We are continuing to provide high visibility and professional services and are continuing to take strict precautionary measures for our protection.” Portier said several jurisdictions in the surrounding area, including Groveport, were recently affected by a group of thieves rummaging through unlocked vehicles in neighborhoods. (Messenger photo by Rick Palsgrove)
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