Police issue update regarding the threats against Groveport Madison Schools


The Madison Township Police released the following updated statement regarding the recent threats made against Groveport Madison Schools:

On Feb. 26, social media threats were made to Groveport Madison Middle School. Police investigated credible students, as well as pictures posted on social media that led to an investigation for a search warrant.

On Feb. 27, another social media post resulted in a second investigation that a student who attends Groveport Madison Middle School North had posted threatening pictures with guns targeting students and teachers.

During the investigation, police were able to retrieve a cell phone from a person of interest and execute a search warrant. The cell phone was then sent to the Columbus Police Department for a forensic analysis.

The information pulled from the phone showed a connection between this middle school student and the threats that were posted on social media. This student was then arrested and interviewed. During the interview, the student admitted posting the threatening photos as a joke.

The student was charged and arrested with inducing panic, a second degree felony.

The student had a prior charge and arrest of conveying a firearm inside a school building on Dec. 2, 2016.

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